Terms & Condition


Every company has some rules and regulations, and we are no exception, we also have rules, but it will be very customer friendly and easy for all our customers, we are customers, and our first rule is service first, then business, if from us If someone is not happy with the service or wants to change the wrong order, we take it very seriously, and immediately take action and provide a nice solution.

Some customers work just to buy the product and when it is done, they come and tell us about various problems, we take care of that, and we deliver knowing which product is useful.

If a product is stopped or has a problem before the scheduled time, then we give it a solution for free, or we also keep this opportunity to refund within 2 days or 48 hours if the service is not to the customer’s liking, we hope that we have all these Rules and regulations will make it easier for all of us to move forward.

You may get in touch with us via a variety of channels, including the following: – you can send us an email; – you can fill out an online contact form; – you can send us a request using our live chat platform; – you can get in touch with us through social media.

In each of these circumstances, we handle your personal data in order to reply to your query and to manage it. By contacting us, you are giving your permission to the processing of your personal data; hence, the legal basis for the processing of your data in this scenario is consent.

Your personal information could be used for marketing purposes by vpsproxies, and they might get in touch with you about it.

If you fill out the contact form on our website and submit your contact information, we will send you more information about the services that we provide. We take it that by supplying us with the information requested in the online form, you are giving us permission to get in touch with you for the reasons outlined in this subsection.

In situations in which the legislation that applies to us authorizes us to contact you without your separate approval, we shall contact you in order to make you an offer of our services based on the legal basis of our legitimate interests. You may choose not to receive any marketing-related communications from us at any time by clicking an unsubscribe button in any of our emails or by emailing us at privacy@vpsproxies.com. This option is available to you at all times.

Your private information will be handled by vpsproxies via the use of several service providers (data processors). CRM software developers, email and email tracking telecommunications companies, online live chat program providers, business development telecommunications companies, customer support specialists, appropriate statistical service providers, payment service companies, website hosting companies, and other telecommunications companies are examples of the types of companies that process this type of data. In every instance, the disclosure of your personal information occurs only to the degree that is required for the operation of their services. We will not disclose any of your personal information to any third party that is not one of our service providers.

The United States and the European Economic Area (EEA) are typically the locations of our data processors. When selecting service providers in the United States, we make it a point to investigate whether or not they are participants in the EU–US Privacy Shield Framework and have made a public commitment to adhering to the necessary privacy regulations of the European Union. In the other instances where it is necessary, we take precautions to ensure that our data processors based in the United States would adhere to the privacy standards established by the European Union by entering into contracts that contain the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission.

You have the following rights with regard to your personal data: – the right to get access to your personal data and related information about the processing; – the right to demand that inaccurate data be corrected; – the right to demand that your personal data be erased or that the processing of your personal data be restricted when there is a legal basis for that; – the right to demand that your personal data be transferred to another data controller or that it be provided directly to you in a convenient format (on conditions set in the applicable legal framework If you would wish to exercise any of the rights connected to privacy that were discussed above.

Once you visit our site, we will ask for your permission to collect some personal information about you using technology such as cookies and other techniques that are quite similarly.

When you visit our website, little text or picture files (cookies, pixels, as well as other similar technologies) may be stored on your device. These files may be put there automatically. On our website, cookies are used rather often, and most of the time, they fit into one of the following categories: – Necessary cookies. We are unable to deliver the myriad of services that you need on the website if these cookies are not accepted. Essential cookies, for instance, allow the website to remember your preferences when you navigate different pages on the site. — Cookies needed for functionality. These cookies are used to remember information that you have entered or choices that you make (such as your username or language) on the website, so that the next time you surf the web, you will not be required to set them again.

For example, the website may remember your username but it may also remember the language you choose. – Cookies used for analytics. These cookies record information about people’s visits to the website, which enables us to analyze and report on our performance as well as make changes. Analyze the behavior of visitors and users, for instance, so that you may deliver material that is more relevant. – Cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies are set by third-party advertising platforms or networks in order to provide advertisements and measure how well those advertisements are doing. These cookies, in certain instances, make it possible for advertising networks to serve advertisements that are potentially relevant to you depending on the activities that you carry out on our website and on other websites (in such cases, ad serving might be based on automated decision-making).

Cookies that are stored on your computer by our website might either be session cookies or permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are referred to as session cookies, and they are removed from your computer when you exit your browser at the conclusion of your online browsing session. Cookies that are designated as persistent stay on your hard disk even after you delete them or after their expiration date has passed. The following table provides information on the cookies and other technologies used on our website.


Terms of Use


Service Fee: Payments for Services decided to order by Customer shall begin on the date of the order following Customer’s execution of the electronic system after having read and accepted this TOS, as well as the schedule of fees and other information found at Provider’s website, all of which are posted at Provider’s website. Fees for Services ordered by Customer shall commence on the date of the order following Customer’s execution of the electronic system after having read and accepted this TOS.

Cancellation: In the event that the Customer wishes to discontinue or downgrade the Services, the Provider demands a written cancellation notice, and the Customer agrees to this requirement. In the event that you do not provide the required written notice of cancellation, you may be subject to ongoing costs and billing. Charges that are incurred after that the desired date of termination or downgrade are payable by the customer, and the Provider is not willing to take responsibility to refund any progressing payments collected if the Customer failed to provide a cancellation notice to VPS PROXIES. Charges that are incurred after the preferred date of cancellation or downgrade are subject to the terms and conditions of the VPS PROXIES Service Agreement. Customers are required to cancel their orders in writing and submit their requests using the internet customer portal found here.

Refund Rules: Only payments received within seven days of the date the Provider completed the service are eligible for a refund, with the exception of those situations in which the Provider expressed a different refund requirement. This includes, although it is not limited to, any recurring service costs such as monthly or quarterly payments. A formal written request has to be submitted by the Customer using the online customer portal, which may be found at New customers are eligible for our money-back guarantee if they make use of our service but are unable to make it work for the purpose for which it was intended within seven days of making the payment, and if the customer does not have a history of receiving a full refund grant related to, but not limited to, PayPal email and credit card number used or owned by the customer. A customer who is found to have taken advantage of or abused our money-back promise is only eligible for a maximum return of fifty percent within seven days of making payment for a new service provided by the Provider.

Disputes Issue: Clients who believe they have been charged incorrectly are required to go into the customer portal at and submit an accountancy complaint within thirty (30) days of discovering what they believe to be an issue in their billing. It is deemed an acceptance of the correctness of the invoice, the bill, and the charges if during the specified time period no inquiry, report, or complaint relating to such a billing mistake is filed. Without being restricted by the opening language of Disputes, Customer undertakes not to challenge, seek a refund, chargeback, and otherwise seek non-payment or reversing of any payment whether received, without limitation, through credit card and otherwise for Services supplied. Any such behavior is a violation of our Terms of Service. Under the paragraph that has the title “Breach,” there is a description of the terms that govern the Company’s rights in the event that there is a breach.

None-Payment: Depending on the length of the Services that were agreed upon, the monthly or perhaps another periodic anniversary date is the day on which the whole amount of any and all payments is due. A violation of these Terms of Service occurs when one party fails or refuses to make a payment for the services on the anniversary date that occurs on a monthly or another periodic basis. After a non-payment by the Customer, the Service Provider may, but is not bound to, continue to supply the Services for a period of four days from the date, including the actual anniversary. Failure or unwillingness to remit payment by the fifth calendar day, which encompasses the anniversary date, will result in the suspension of Services without prior notification to the Customer, provided that the Services were not discontinued sooner. In the event that the customer wishes to have the suspension lifted after the service has been suspended due to non-payment, the customer is required to contact the Provider after the outstanding balance on the account has been paid in full in order to reactivate the Service and appropriately adjust the next due date.

Payment must be done by either PayPal or 2Checkout on the site of the Provider. Bitcoin is another medium of payment that may be used when purchasing from VPSPROXIES; however, it is not an official payment option. Clients who desire to make payments using Bitcoin need to get in touch with support.