Instructions on How to Set Up Residential Proxies

Get the knowledge necessary to set up residential proxies in all of the main web browsers and on mobile devices.

Setup Residential Proxies

Browser: You have no idea how to configure proxies on your browser, do you? No problem, just choose the browser you need from the drop-down menu, and we'll lead you through the rest of the setup steps.

Chrome \sFirefox

The FoxyProxy extension for Safari, the Insomniac extension for SwitchyOmega, and the Edge extension for FoxyOmega.

Internet Explorer

Smartphone: What about your mobile phone, though? We've got you taken care of! Put an end to your tension and search for information on how to configure proxies on your Android or iPhone.

Android \siPhone

Operating System: What about your computer's operating system? These instructions were crafted with you in mind specifically.

Microsoft Windows 10, Linux

Mac OS X

You didn't manage to locate what you were searching for, did you? Put in an appearance!

Further instructions may be found on the dashboard.

Do you want to include proxies in a certain tool? Check to see the page on Integrations.

How residential proxies are used in practice


Proxy that spins in a circle

Because of our sophisticated proxy rotation, you may switch to a different proxy without exerting any effort at all owing to our rotating proxy network. 


Residential Proxies

Utilize unique home IP addresses of genuine mobile and desktop devices. The lowest possible recaptcha rates combined with the best possible success rates.


Go to a different proxy for every HTTP or HTTPS request in order to take advantage of infinite connections.

Targeting at the city and the country level

Use residential IP addresses originating from any number of countries or localities that you want. Swap sites at whatever frequency is required.

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