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99.99% uptime Simple self-service 40M+ proxies in 195+ locations 24/7 immediate tech help Complete anonymity, privacy, and security Advanced proxy rotation The fastest residential proxies on the market 99.99% uptime

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Any device may use the proxy server to connect to the rest of the internet via it, and it will operate as a middleman (read more about a proxy here). There are primarily two different kinds of proxies. Private IP addresses from actual devices are what are known as residential proxies, and they are connected with internet service providers (ISP). Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are not associated with any Internet service provider (ISP) since they are virtual and are produced in robust data centers.



Our proxies: 

Residential. Our home proxy pool has more than 40 million IP addresses, all of which originate from actual desktop and mobile devices. These proxies are recognized for having a successful record of 99.47% and span more than 195+ sites all around the world. Our home proxies have been timed to reply in 0.61 seconds, making them the quickest on the market, according to research conducted by Proxyway.

Datacenter. Our more than half a million IP addresses originate from data centers located in the United States and Europe. These proxies are more affordable than residential ones and are renowned for their remarkable speeds (we're talking about much less than 0.3s!). Check out the results of our speed tests on the IP addresses of our data center here.

Shared. You are able to utilize any and all of the proxies in our pools at any moment thanks to a shared proxy network. This results in a decrease in pricing and gives you the ability to make thousands of requests at the same time.

Private. Are you looking for greater ownership? If you are using an IP address from our dedicated data center proxy pool, then that IP address is exclusive to you.

Fast. According to studies conducted by Proxyway, we are the industry leader when it comes to the speed of residential proxies, having achieved a response time of 0.61 seconds.

Global. You may target IP addresses at any place in the globe by using a simple back-connect node. Targeting at the state or local level is a piece of cake with our proxy network, and I solemnly vow to do it.

Anonymous. Our whole pool of proxies is completely anonymous. They will never disclose your true IP address or location to a third party.

‍Rotating. Our sophisticated rotating proxy network will switch proxies for each request, or it will maintain the same IP address for between one and ten and thirty minutes. You won't have to spend money on individual or static IP addresses if you use alternating residential and data center pools. Nonetheless, you shouldn't be too concerned since the majority of bots and programs support the domain: port format.

It is simple to use. We offer over 35 setup and integration guidelines that may assist you in setting up proxies on any browser, device, or tool. These guides can be found on our website. Learn more by reading our documentation.

24/7 client support. Always feel free to reach out to any member of our staff for assistance. Let's talk!


Buying a plan to enroll in

The cost for both our residential and data center proxies is determined by the amount of traffic that is sent via them (yes, limitless bandwidth!). Prices for SERP, eCommerce, Online Scraping APIs, and No-Code Scrapers are determined by the total amount of queries, while specialized data center proxies are paid according to each individual IP address.

Billing. Every plan includes a recurring monthly payment for the subscription service. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged on the first of the month of each payment cycle, regardless of whether you choose to pay monthly or annually. The day that you make your first payment marks the beginning of the billing cycle.

Smart Wallet. You may use the Smart Wallet to pay for any vpsproxies product you wish to buy by logging in to the dashboard and using the link provided there. Also, one credit is equivalent to one dollar, thus the tool can handle both one-time purchases and subscriptions that automatically renew. Click here to learn more about Smart Wallet.

Only Pay for What You Use. With this method of payment, you will be able to make use of residential proxies without having to commit to a subscription plan. Thus, add money to your Smart Wallet, activate the Pay As You Go feature, and you will be charged $12.5 for 1 GB of data automatically. After you've used up 90% of 1 GB of storage, the next GB will be added to your bill automatically. Just switch off Pay as You Go when you no longer need its services. Take into consideration that you cannot have both a subscription plan and a Pay You Go plan at the same time. Click here to learn more about the Pay As You Go service.

Subscription management. At any moment, you are able to modify your plan in a variety of ways, including upgrading, downgrading, renewing, or canceling it. Keep in mind that you will only be able to carry over any unused GBs to the next payment cycle if you want to upgrade your membership.

Management of the flow of traffic Make use of the auto-top-up option or buy more GBs whenever you want! If you have auto top-up enabled, any unused gigabytes will be carried over to the next month. This will occur regardless of whether you are renewing or upgrading your membership.

Refund Policy. With the possibility to get your money back within the initial purchase within three days, you have nothing to worry about (crypto payments excluded).

Trial policy. For one of our Scraping API products, we provide a free trial that lasts for three days and includes three thousand queries. If you decide to test, for instance, SERP Scraping API, you won't be able to test eCommerce Scraping API, Web Scraping API, or No-Code Scraper. This is because each of these APIs requires a different set of credentials. You may submit an application for a free trial by emailing sales@vpsproxies.com if you are interested in trying out additional items. Be aware, however, that you will be required to supply information about your firm as well as the use case you want to implement.

Remove yourself from the subscriber list. Since each plan generates an automatically renewing monthly subscription, you are required to exercise your right to opt out of the monthly subscription in advance of the beginning of the subsequent payment cycle.


I decided to get a plan. What should I do now!

Pricing. You have the option to purchase, upgrade, renew, or downgrade your plan.

The technique of authentication. Choose an authorization approach that works best for you. Find out more.

Endpoint generator. Establish a connection to the proxy pool of the given location.

Use of Traffic Check out the visitor statistics and the specifics of your membership. Find out more.

Requests usage. See the statistics of your requests as well as the information of your membership.

Subscription management. You are able to check all of the information of your subscription, activate automatic top-up, investigate your payment history, and cancel your membership.

Proxy management. Take control of your dedicated data center proxies and change up to all IP addresses at the price per IP address that the subscription offers. If you just modify a few IP addresses on the list rather than the complete list, the modified IP addresses will remain functional until the end of your current subscription.

Collection management. Maintain control of your collections of No-Code Scrapers.

Apps. Add-ons for X Browser, Chrome, and Firefox may be used to improve your proxy game, or you can develop proxy lists.

Referral program. You will get a discount of 10% on the residential plan size that your buddy has bought if you invite your closest friends to join the VPSProxies family. When 32 days have passed since you first activated your membership, the referral program will begin operating on its own.

Invest in traffic. You may make your requests for the SERP, eCommerce, Web Scraping APIs, and No-Code Scraper here. You can also purchase additional GB of traffic for residential and data center subscriptions.

If you decide to utilize IP whitelisting as your form of authentication, you won't be required to use your username and password in conjunction with the proxy server that you pick (domain: port).

To configure this authentication, open the "Authentication method" tab, add your current IP address by clicking the "Add" button, and then enter any IP address manually in the "Authenticate via whitelisted IP address" block. You can do either of these things by opening the "Authentication method" tab.

It is important to keep in mind that the whitelisted IP option does not function properly with data center proxies, and whitelisting through IPv6 is also not supported. Sticky sessions may only be held for a maximum of ten minutes when using IP addresses that have been whitelisted.

The sticky session is the kind of session. If you choose this session, the proxies will cycle at a more leisurely pace. This indicates that you are able to maintain the same IP address for a greater amount of time: residential proxies might range from one to ten minutes, and even up to thirty minutes. When it comes to proxies for data centers, up to a quarter of an hour may pass.

When you utilize a sticky session, you are free to connect to the proxy server using any port within the range of available ports (endpoint). If you alter the port number, the exit IP will also be adjusted accordingly. You have the option of downloading a filtered list of domain: ports by selecting either the '.csv' or '.txt' format that is located next to the 'Download the list through' option.

Voilà! You now have everything you need to combine our proxies with any software/bot/scraper of your choosing, including the login information, the proxy address, and the port (or port range).

Check out our help documents, and our GitHub repository, or start a live conversation with one of our representatives if you need particular integrations or setups with the most common tools.

Assistance as well as Documents

Do you need more information? Check out our Live chat and Mail for setup directions for a variety of browsers, operating systems, and smartphone models, as well as a great deal of other information. See some helpful code examples as well as some cool tips and techniques while you're at it.

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